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The transitional care medical facility in Georgia is an excellent example of our philosophy of translating vision into reality. It is our natural philosophy to be flexible and to seek out understanding. This is key to creating client relationships – relationships that are central to planning.

For us, it is the only way to translate a vision into reality.

We believe that architecture is a collaborative effort between owner and architect. Greatly influenced by this relationship, we see planning as the foundation for the project architecture and arbiter for quality.

For both client and architect, the planning process is an awakening of possibility and revelation through understanding. In planning, we differentiate purpose, objectives, and goals. With diligence, we assess feasibility, function, and practicality. Through conceptual design we bow to creativity to project the taste and personality of the owner and architect. We strategically address marketing objectives via creative prototypical designs. While we do this, we reach a financial accord that helps define costs, ongoing expenses and commercial revenue. Daily, we see that our approach to planning works as clients comfortably come to trust our recommendations.

As planning defines an idea’s existence, its definition is the underpin that aligns the best possible design with construction, taking a concept into a living, three-dimensional space that transforms the owner and architects collaborative vision into reality.
If you find yourself trusting a more collaborative effort, then we invite your company to maximize design quality and worry-free, cost effective, implementation with Wright Group Architects Planners, P.L.L.C.


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